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19 July 22 v2.9

  • Improvements and bug fixes
  • Added $LUNC on BNB Chain and Polygon
  • Added $VOLT on BNB Chain

15 June 22

  • Added wallet address to home screen
  • Bugs fixing for account book that could cause duplicates address
  • UI improvement in “Show Private Key” settings
  • Fix the transaction history currency display “undefined” after the last update

27 May 22

  • Push notification marketing
  • Ads banner color changes
  • Fixed exchange rate bug
  • Dapp browser optimizations

20 May 22

  • UI bug fixes
  • Dapp browser bug fix with wallet connect
  • Changing from scientific to decimals display when treating dust

13 May 22

  • Notification enabled
  • Dapp browser: connecting PayBolt to millions of DEFI apps in the crypto ecosystem
  • Deeplink for WalletConnect & Payment Gateway
  • Minor bug fixes



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17 October 2022 v3.0.5.1

· Gas withdrawal fee updated

· Updated privacy policy

· Added compatibility with Unstoppable Domain

20 July 2022 v3.0.0

· Merchant Payment Currency Convert $BUSD/$PAY

· Allow businesses to buy banner ads in Business Directory

· Added Apple Ipad, Android pad View design in Figma, Landscape and Portrait view

07 June 2022

· Opencart & Magneto ecommerce plugins live

· Added admin users' dashboard

· Added normal users' dashboard

· Allow businesses to create banner ads in the business directory

· Recurring Invoice/Payments option enabled

· Push Notifications enabled

· Sand Box for merchant test net environment

· GitBook developer guide

· Light theme for Business App

20 May 2022

  • Opencart & Magneto e-commerce plugin
  • 2FA (email & SMS)
  • Push notification
  • Admin and user view



Following a successful IDO, formally BNBPAY, the rebranded crypto payment gateway has resumed trading on Uniswap (ETH), Pancakeswap (BSC) & Quickswap (MATIC).


Contract address is the same across all 3 chains: 0xe580074A10360404AF3ABfe2d524D5806D993ea3

Ethereum Dex-Uniswap

Binance Smart Chain Dex- Pancakeswap

Polygon (MATIC) Dex- Quickswap

Buy tax 0%, sell tax 10%

All migrated BNBPAY and IDO participants will have 90 days vesting schedule for their tokens.

Investors can claim the unlocked portion of their $PAY holding anytime from: TBA



We are excited to announce our partnership with Hector Network!

Hector Network is developing an expansive web 3 ecosystem for a visionary future. The foundations of the ecosystem, supported by the HEC utility token and TOR stablecoin, are functionality, accessibility and community. In conjunction with their growing list of partners, Hector Network is expanding cross-chain and is dedicated to mass adoption.

Their network boasts the main $HEC token, which is the world’s first deflationary rebase token. Earn rewards for staking a token with a decreasing supply!

Read more about Hector Network here:

$HEC and $TOR will be listed on the PayBolt crypto app as default tokens and will be added to the PayBolt payment gateway as well. $HEC merchandise will also be available on the PayBolt marketplace.




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