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15 June 22

  • Added wallet address to home screen
  • Bugs fixing for account book that could cause duplicates address
  • UI improvement in “Show Private Key” settings
  • Fix the transaction history currency display “undefined” after the last update




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07 June 2022

· Opencart & Magneto ecommerce plugins live

· Added admin users' dashboard

· Added normal users' dashboard

· Allow businesses to create banner ads in the business directory

· Recurring Invoice/Payments option enabled

· Push Notifications enabled

· Sand Box for merchant test net environment

· GitBook developer guide

· Light theme for Business App

20 May 2022

  • Opencart & Magneto e-commerce plugin
  • 2FA (email & SMS)
  • Push notification
  • Admin and user view



Following a successful IDO, formally BNBPAY, the rebranded crypto payment gateway has resumed trading on Uniswap (ETH), Pancakeswap (BSC) & Quickswap (MATIC).


Contract address is the same across all 3 chains: 0xe580074A10360404AF3ABfe2d524D5806D993ea3

Ethereum Dex-Uniswap

Binance Smart Chain Dex- Pancakeswap

Polygon (MATIC) Dex- Quickswap

Buy tax 0%, sell tax 10%

All migrated BNBPAY and IDO participants will have 90 days vesting schedule for their tokens.

Investors can claim the unlocked portion of their $PAY holding anytime from: TBA



  1. How much was raised from IDO


2. Starting trade price


3. Exchanges?

Pancakeswap (BSC), Uniswap (ETH), Quickswap (MATIC)

4. How much in the LP?

600k across each blockchain = 1.8m total

5. Will the LP be locked?

To be locked until 1/2027

Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon

6. Starting market cap?

$0.005 X 10 billion = 50 million

7. Do we have to claim PayBolt manually or we will automatically receive them in our wallet?

Claimed manually, released over 90 days.

Claim at: TBA

8. What is the slippage to buy and sell?

0% Buy 10% Sell

9. Will $PAY be the same price across all 3 blockchains

Yes! once PayBolt’s smart contract is upgraded with bridging capabilities; ETA end of Feb 2022

10. When will I receive 5% bonus as a BNBPAY Holder participating in the IDO?

We will release bonus soon!





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