BitMart Hack — Follow up

2 min readFeb 4, 2022


Following our medium article on hacked $BPAY we are getting reports from BitMart telling users $BPAY are not hacked.

This is not true.

Due to our buy and sell tokenomics BitMart has requested for us to whitelist the ONLY address that will store $BPAY. It is not possible for $BPAY to be stored on another address without informing the team because then users will incur 10% extra tax every time they deposit or withdraw from BitMart

This is the address:

On the 4th Dec 2021 the hack happened and the transaction clearly shows all 93m of $BPAY been withdrawn. The whitelist feature is at work as no tokenomic tax in the transaction.

We just want to make sure all the facts are presented as BitMart’s claim the $BPAY is still on the exchange is not true.

They are aware the reason we have stopped trading was to minimize damage caused by hackers and their compensation, we have also previously supported them in the aftermath of the hack.

They know about the rebrand and know resuming $BPAY trading is out of the question.

Bitmart did promise to compensate all investors so we look forward to their response.

You can reach out directly to BitMart at:




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