How to buy $BPAY on Trust Wallet

4 min readJun 29, 2021

Part 1 — Set Up

If you already have a Trust Wallet installed with an account, skip to Part 2 — Buying BPAY! Otherwise, continue reading.

Create a Trust Wallet Account

Step 1: Download & Install Trust Wallet from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

NOTE: Trust Wallet is not compatible with your desktop and is a mobile only application

Step 2: Open Trust Wallet and make an account. Once your account is created it should look like this:

NOTE: You will be given a seeded phrase on wallet/account creation. This seeded phrase will be used for recovery purposes if you ever lose access to your wallet. Please make sure to store your seeded phrase safely! (Preferably offline).

Transfer Funds to Trust Wallet.

Step 1: Press “Receive”.

Step 2: Press “Smart Chain”.

CAUTION: $BPAY only accepts tokens/coins on the Binance Smart Chain! This step is highly important so please make sure you press “Smart Chain”.

Step 3: Press “Copy” or alternatively, you can screenshot the QR code and send it to your desktop.

Step 4: Send funds to Trust Wallet using the address! If you use Binance, it will look like the following:

Part 2 — Buying BPAY

If you have not got Trust Wallet installed by this point, please go back up to Part 1 — Set Up. Otherwise, please continue reading.

Buy BPay on PancakeSwap

Step 1: Press “DApps” in your Trust Wallet.

Step 2: Under “Popular”, press “PancakeSwap”. A Connect DApp page might pop up so press “Connect”.

Step 3: Press “Select a currency”. In “Search name or paste address”, you want to copy and paste the BPAY contract address:


Step 4: Press “Import” after you see the BPAY token/coin. After pressing “Import”, you will be prompted with a warning from PancakeSwap. Press “I understand” followed by the “Import” button again.

Step 5: Before we swap for BPAY, we must change the “Slippage Tolerance”. Press on the “Settings” button.

Step 6: Under “Slippage Tolerance”, set it to 13%. After setting it to 13%, click on the “x” to exit the settings. The reason it is 13% is due to our tokenomics and defensive measures against frontrunning bots.

CAUTION: If you set it to anything less than 13%, the transaction will fail!

Step 7: You can now swap BNB or whichever coin you desire for the BPay token/coin!

CAUTION: On Launch Day, we have limited the max amount of BPAY you can purchase to 100,000,000. If you try to purchase more than that amount, your transaction will fail!

NOTE: Remember to press “Swap” and then “Confirm Swap”. A transaction will be submitted and it will prompt you if it was successful or not. If the price is volatile due to constant price changes, you can always increase the “Slippage Tolerance” to increase your chance of a successful transaction.




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