Introducing to BNBPay ($BPAY)

The future of merchant crypto payment is here.

Why BNBPay?

The future of decentralised scalable crypto payment tailored for merchant transactions is here. Pay expenses, earn interest with BNBPay.


BNBPay aim to be the biggest and best payment processor in Binance Smart Chain.

  • Our end of end BNBPay POS will give merchants the option to receive any crypto, stable coin or fiat seamlessly so they can avoid any volatility risk.
  • BNBPay Ecommerce allows for easy integration with online retailers and subcription based services.
  • BNBPay reward system allows customers to pay using $BPAY, as well as earn via staking through our BNBPay wallet.
  • $BPAY is just the beginning, the entire BSC ecosystem is the future.
    We plan to integrate all of your favourite BSC coins so you can earn interest and pay through BNBPAY Finance.

$BPAY Tokenomics

  • 15% Burned- Periodically to reduce supply.
  • 10% Dev — required as developing a payment ecosystem will require a big team and a lot of effort, our existing dev already has over 10 years of experience in developing payment system from start to finish.
  • 10% Payment rewards- Staking rewards on our platform, and customer rewards as they spend their crypto at merchants.
  • 5% Marketing.

$BPAY Pancake Trading Tokenomics

Dev Team

Our dev team have over 10 years of experience in merchant payments, we know what it takes to build a Point of Sales (POS) system that can integrate into any existing merchants payment system, allowing any business on or offline to start accepting crypto.

How to Buy

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