PayBolt is adding AVAX to our payment ecosystem — IDO launching soon!

1 min readSep 15, 2022


While the market is quiet, at PayBolt we have been busy expanding our ecosystem, getting us one step closer to achieving our goal of allowing users to pay with ANY CRYPTO!

Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform that is blazing fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. It has gained massive popularity in recent years.

Today we are proud to announce we will be adding AVAX to our payment ecosystem, to do so we will be having an AVAX IDO at a discounted rate to the trading price.

The funds raised from IDO will be used to add AVAX to PayBolt’s ecosystem:

  • Payment gateway
  • Crypto App
  • Business App
  • Marketplace
  • Liquidity on AVAX DEX

Rather than selling $PAY tokens to fund the developments, we will be launching an IDO at a discounted price.

Note this will not affect the total supply of $PAY, $PAY smart contract does not have a mint function so the total supply will never increase.

For more details and how to join in the IDO please go to the PayBolt IDO Page.

To find out what other exciting developments are in store for PayBolt in 2022 check out the roadmap here.




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