PayBolt Update 21 May 2022

Hi PayBolt army,

When Satoshi put pen to paper on the Bitcoin whitepaper, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he had created the beginning of a multi-trillion dollar new asset class just a decade later.

What Satoshi started has quickly blossomed into an industry today that is full of some of the most brilliant engineers, developers, programmers, business thinkers, innovators, and visionaries, all working towards the common goal of improving our daily lives through crypto.

At PayBolt we are tackling one of the most challenging use case, but nevertheless, a vital one that millions of crypto users are crying out for: making crypto payments for daily goods and services a reality.

Achieving it means we need to create a truly decentralized, frictionless payment rail that reaches every part of the world, connecting businesses to a global audience base they otherwise never dreamt of having.

There are many obstacles that stand between us and achieving this vision but despite the tough economic climate, we are more determined than ever.

Being a crypto asset means PayBolt and $PAY are also subject to the inevitable daily volatilities of crypto. Whether this is your first down market or you are a seasoned veteran, believe us when we say: “this too shall pass”.

Those companies that can survive through the leaner periods and quietly build and acquire users through creating a great product that solves real-world problems, will be in the best position to take advantage of the favorable market conditions once the market turns bullish again.

Our PayBolt community has been together through the best and worst of times. Together, as a community, we are confident that we will emerge from this and build a better, stronger future, one that will fundamentally change the way you pay.

Follow our progress here:

PayBolt Crypto App

PayBolt Business App


PayBolt CCO



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