PayBolt whitelist IDO instructions and FAQ

2 min readJan 17, 2022

Steps to buying $PAY at the whitelist IDO

IMPORTANT: You will not immediately receive your $PAY- all $PAY bought at IDO will be vested over 90 days, you will be able to start claiming your $PAY once trading starts.

  1. Go to
  2. Connect to your whitelisted wallet

3. Select Ethereum if you wish to receive $PAY on ETH and Polygon for $PAY on MATIC

4. Put in the amount of $PAY you want to buy and collect on Buy

5. Confirm the transaction on your wallet


  • You can buy between $100–$2,000 worth of $PAY per wallet (Max 2k on ETH and 2k on MATIC.
  • You can also contribute multiple times.
  • Whitelist IDO sale closes in 18 hours.
  • BNBPAY Holder 5% bonus will be distributed at a later date.


- Can I buy with USDT?

A: No.

- Will public ido be available for BSC?

A: No.

- Is it mandatory to buy the tokens worth the same amount that I mentioned in the whitelist form or I can buy more/less as well?

A: You can buy any amount between $100 — $2000.

- Can I use bep20 matic?

A: BEP20 is for BSC network, please use ETH on Ethereum network and MATIC on POLYGON network, ERC20 only.

- How much is hard cap for the whitelist candidates?

A: Hard cap for whitelist + public IDO = 3m

- I have tokens in BitMart if I participate in IDO, how can I get 5% bonus tokens?

A: Please liaise with BitMart directly to discuss compensation. As they are not confirmed anything with us.

- How can I get the additional 5% when I’m a BNBPay holder?

A: We will verify and distribute the 5% at a later date.

- Can I buy both in whitelist and public IDO?

A: Yes you can




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