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Terms and Conditions (‘BNBPAY’ Coupon Code)

  1. When using the ‘BNBPAY’ coupon code, you agree to all BNBPAY terms and conditions.
  2. Customers must use coupon code ‘BNBPAY’ to receive 50% off order upon checkout.
  3. Valid till 03/10/21, while ‘BNBPAY’ coupon code redemptions last.
  4. Promotion will only run for 100 ‘BNBPAY’ coupon code redemptions.
  5. Promotion will only run till the 3rd of September, 11.59PM AEST.
  6. ‘BNBPAY’ coupon code can only be applied to a maximum order amount of $40.
  7. ‘BNBPAY’ coupon code is limited to one redemption per customer.
  8. Delivery addresses with more than one order using the ‘BNBPAY’ coupon code will be voided, and the orders will be refunded.
  9. All orders can only have a maximum delivery weight of 2kgs. Checkout will not accept orders more than 2kgs in delivery weight.
  10. BNBPAY reserves the right to change the offers and offers period any time without prior notice.



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